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1/20 REDBULL RB18 -Alpha Model

1/20 REDBULL RB18 -Alpha Model

Kit information

This REDBULL RB18 1/20 scale precision model kit. Conversion kits include complete components with resin body parts. Lithographically detailed parts for realistic internal features. Resin wheels and rubber tires. Parts in acetate and vacuum formed glass. Photo-etched detail parts. Foil decals and decals/stickers.

The Car

The Red Bull RB18 is a Formula 1 single-seater built by the Red Bull Racing team to take part in the 2022 Formula 1 world championship. With 17 victories out of 22 races, 8 poles, 8 fastest laps, 5 doubles, 27 podiums and 759 points ( a score that ranks it in 3rd place for points scored behind the Red Bull RB19 and the Mercedes W07) is one of the most successful cars in the history of Formula 1.

The RB18 livery remains Red Bull’s signature livery in use since 2016’s RB12, despite featuring some differences to its forebears. In particular, compared to the previous RB16B, the main differences are the movement of the Oracle logo – which has become the title sponsor of Red Bull Racing for 2022 – from the sides of the survival cell to the bellies instead of the “Red Bull” writing, which is moved more back on the bonnet and the disappearance of the logos of the former Honda engine engineer following his abandonment of the circus and the obtaining of the intellectual property of the Japanese power units by the newly formed Red Bull Powertrains. In their place, those of its sports subdivision Honda Racing Corporation appear on the bonnet because, although the Japanese engineer is no longer officially in Formula 1, he will still continue to take care of the assembly of engines in Sakura until 2025,[1] [2 ] and the Oracle logo behind the rear wing. Furthermore, again in place of the Honda logos on the rear wing, in the front part, from the first test session, the logo of the ByBit cryptocurrency exchange appears, whose logos are also placed on the front wing.

During the season, the rear wing is painted black, leaving some parts such as the main profile and the inside of the end plates unpainted, with exposed carbon, to save weight.

From the Japanese Grand Prix the Honda logos reappear on the bonnet, instead of the HRC ones, which however are maintained but moved to the nose of the car.


The car was presented on 8 February 2022, initially with the official livery applied on a show car, and then made its definitive debut on 23 February 2022 during the pre-season tests on the Montmeló circuit (Catalonia) .

With the RB18 the classic nomenclature used by Red Bull for Formula 1 cars is interrupted, having omitted the acronym “RB17”. The 2021 car has in fact been called the “RB16B” as it uses the same chassis as the RB16. For the 2022 car, the “RB17” acronym was left unused in favor of “RB18” to reflect Red Bull Racing’s number of Formula 1 seasons. This acronym will then be used to name the Austrian company’s first hypercar.