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Autore: Alessandro
1/24 Ken Block 845-hp AWD Ford Mustang Hoonicorn v1.

The model was created as part of a scale model competition. I did almost everything I wanted. I didn’t dare to implement opening doors due to the time restrictions of the competition; if I had more free time it would have been possible and I would have implemented it. Briefly about the modifications: A fuel tank was added, a bunch of small parts in the engine compartment and interior, all sorts of bolts and nuts were added, seat belts were attached to the frame, the rear optics were redesigned, all the hoses, fittings and wiring were added and laid out as much as possible in the photo. To show the tank, the trunk lid was cut out, which was also redesigned and modified. For all the additional 3D models of parts that were not in the original model, huge thanks to Konstantin Odishvili. All basic chemistry from HobbyLink and a little from Mr.Hobby Livery/carbon decals and vacuum glazing of our own production.