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1/24 scale model car kit AUDI RS7 AM02-0061

1/24 scale model car kit AUDI RS7 AM02-0061

Al add-on-body parts for the Audi RS7 are made of high-quality carbon fbre.In addition to the new ront and side skrts add-on-parts,the add-on- parts on therear of the car are also made of carbon.The whel and tyre combination does teciclly and visualy perfectly atch to the impressive conversion either.The interior has also been completely relined with new leather by MANSORYs own saddlery.  The interior is supplied in allcolour combinations onrequest.

The Alpha Model 1/24 scale model car kit is a detailed and realistic replica of the AUDI RS7. In the Audi RS7 1/24 scale model car kit you will find all necessary components such as body, chassis, wheels, interior details, decals and instructions. Build a car model 1/24 scale model car kit, such as the Audi RS7, can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for car enthusiasts and hobbyists


1/24 scale model car Kit information

If you’re a fan of build car models, then you’ll love this 1/24 scale model car kit of the AUDI RS7. This precision model kit includes all the necessary components to create a highly detailed replica of the car. The kit features lithographically detailed parts for a realistic interior, resin wheels with rubber tires, and acetate and vacuum formed glass parts. Additionally, there are photo-etched detail parts and decals included to add the finishing touches to your model. Get ready to showcase your modeling skills with this incredible kit!