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Autore: Alessandro
1/700 USS Los Angeles class, Flight 1 with towed array sonar (N700142)

1/700 USS Los Angeles class, Flight 1 with towed array sonar (N700142)

The model reproduces the Flight 1 of the Los Angeles-class submarines after the introduction of towed array sonar (Boston SSN-703). Early submarines were also retrofitted with it. You may find a second screw in the model. This is an experimental 11-bladed vortex dissipater propeller tested in the late 1970s



USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) was an American submarine, the lead vessel of the class of the same name. The Los Angeles-class units are nuclear-powered fighter submarines (ANNs). Units of this type were built in the years 1974-1996. In total, 62 ships of this class were created, of which 35 remained in active service as of 2012. The Los Angeles-class ship is 109.8 meters long, 10.01 meters wide and has a displacement of approximately 6,900 tons. The maximum speed underwater is approximately 31 knots.

The Los Angeles-class ships were developed as a completely new structure, using the experience gained during the operation of Permit- and Sturgeon-class ships. The main task of the Los Angeles-class ships was to support their own carrier groups by destroying Soviet combat ships – especially the Victor class – in forward positions. The new units of the US Navy received a cylindrical hull instead of a droplet, which significantly facilitated the hull structure. The unit also received a new water-cooled nuclear reactor (S6G), which improved its performance. We also tried to silence the scenery as much as possible and generally reduce the noise generated by the ship. The ships of this class also received very modern electronic and hydroacoustic equipment, according to the standards of the 70s and 80s. The lead ship of the series – USS Los Angeles (SSN-688) – was built in Newport News, Virginia, in 1972-1974, and entered service in 1976. In the same year, the then President of the United States – Jimmy Carter and First Lady – Rosalynn Carter took an underwater demonstration cruise to showcase the ship’s combat capabilities. The ship made its first combat patrol in 1977 in the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. And a year later, he was transferred to the Pacific Fleet with a base in Pearl Harbor. In 1999, the ship was modernized and adapted, among other things, to special forces support missions. The ship was decommissioned in 2011.