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Autore: Alessandro
1992 Footwork Mugen Honda V10.

1992 Footwork Mugen Honda V10. 


This is a Modeler’s 1/20 scale kit of the 1992 Footwork FA13, powered by the Mugen Honda V10.


I started building models when I was a kit, maybe ten years old, but when I got a real car, all my attention was focused on racing and building real cars. During the 2020 pandemic, I began building models again as a hobby at home but at a much higher quality level than as a kid. I spent most of the year building small kits and learning how to airbrush, which paints and solvents to use together. Over the next two years, I kept building kits and expanding my skills, and I always tried different approaches to get a product I was happy with.

I used my real-life experience with building racing cars and applied that to the details of my models. The FA13 has a scratch-built wiring harness and cooling system. I used a fine airbrush painting technique to paint the exhaust manifolds like the real car. I used carbon fiber decals around the monocoque and cooling tubs. Top Studio details were added, such as the AN fittings and oiling hoses, Tamiya scale wire, and electrical connectors in 1/20 scale.

  • Tamiya white and custom mix red/orange
  • Tamiya semi-gloss black
  • Custom mix Tamiya paints for gearbox and floor
  • Zero paints 2k clear coat
  • Mr Hobby paints (chrome, clear brown) for exhaust manifolds
  • Scale motorsports carbon fiber decal sheets
  • Top Studio detail parts
  • Studio 27 detail up kit (photoetched parts)
  • Aluminum tape on the floor pan