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Autore: Alessandro
Acrylic Inks GreenStuffWorld

Acrylic Inks GSW

The new range of GreenStuffWorld acrylic colors is characterized by their new formula, a mix of pigments in an ultra-fluid base. Among its main characteristics, the product has very rapid drying, permanence, waterproofness and fluidity. It is therefore ideal for a wide range of artistic techniques, from painting models, figures or miniatures, to painting comics with brushes or markers, to using techniques similar to watercolour. They are very versatile inks that allow the creation of concentrated and intense colours. Pigmentation ensures that colors retain their vividness and strength. By diluting the inks, are obtained a rich chromatic transparencies.  The product comes in a glass bottle with a dispensing pipette, allowing you to precisely shape each drop of pigment to control the amount and intensity of the blends you work with.


  • Extremely pigmented with matte finishes.
  • Intense and fluid colors
  • It is not necessary to dilute them to use them with the airbrush or in calligraphy.
  • Resistance to light.
  • Compatible with all other GreenStuffWolrd acrylic products and mediums
  • Range of opaque and transparent colours.


  • 30ml glass bottle with measuring pipette.
  • Pigment Index: PV23
  • Finish: matte
  • Lightfastness (blue wool scale): 8 – Excellent (ASTM I)
  • Opacity: Transparent