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Adir in the Skies of the Middle East MENG

Adir in the Skies of the Middle East MENG

The F-35I “Adir” is the first fifth-generation fighter jet operated by the Israeli Air Force and is also the most advanced military aircraft in the Middle East. Its name “Adir” means “Mighty One” in Hebrew. F-35Is participated in combat operations in 2018. To better meet combat needs, the Israeli Air Force equipped the F-35Is with Israeli-made munitions such as the SPICE 1000 precision-guided bomb and the Python 5 air-to-air missile. The SPICE 1000, fitted with foldable wings, has a maximum glide range of over 100 kilometers, far exceeding many conventional air-to-ground missiles, and possesses the capability for stand-off range precision ground strikes. Thanks to the outstanding performance of the F-35I, it has completed multiple air-to-air interception missions. In 2023, it conducted its first interception of long-range cruise missile over the Red Sea.

MENG will soon release the offcially licensed LS-018 1/48 Lockheed Martin F-35I Adir (Israeli Air Force) model kit. The assembled model will be 326mm long and 223mm wide. This kit includes precision PE parts and pre-cut painting masks. This kit provides two Israeli Air Force paint schemes.

The unique fuselage profile of F-35I stealth fighter is accurately replicated.

The radar-absorbent material (RAM) coating on the fuselage surfaces is manufactured by high precision tooling.

The cockpit and its interior equipment are precisely replicated. The pilot safety belt is represented by precision PE parts.

The kit includes a light golden transparent cockpit canopy, which can be assembled in either the open or closed position.

The overall curved shape of the DSI air intakes is accurately reproduced.

Horizontal stabilizers can be installed at two different angles.

Weapons bay doors can be built in the open or closed position.

The engine nozzle features various stealth design details. The internal radar signature blocker is represented by a precision PE part.

The kit includes weapons like AIM-9X and AIM-120C air-to-air missiles, GBU-31-V1 guided bombs, the Israeli SPICE 1000 precision-guided bombs and Python-5 air-to-air missiles.

This model can be built in the stealth mode, air combat mode or beast mode.

LS-018 Lockheed Martin F-35I Adir (Israeli Air Force)

Scale: 1/48

The F-35I “Adir” fighter jet has excellently accomplished its missions in multiple operations, achieving an outstanding record of success without defeat. Come on and include such a dominant F-35I “Adir” fighter jet model into your collection.