With this small Diorama I wanted to represent a moment of the last days of the war in Germany,  there some SS try to scape from the Red tied but has been cornered in an ambush.

To start I used a pine wood block in which I glued a piece of paving from Macone Models, beautifully crafted to be thin and easy to work. For buildings I used the front of Verlinden ref2188. Accessories are fom Steel Scorpions, Verlinden, RB Models, Custom Dioramics… The Poster Café was scratched with evergreen , once painted I set letters from Decadry, the name of the Bookseller is Grimm, in honor of the TV serie that I like so much. The vehicle is a RPM model, not very good in quality and quite spartan. Enhanced with improvement CMK set ref 3008 and plasticard to change some things.