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Artileriegeneratorwagen M.16 with munitionswagen scale 1:35 Plus Model

Artileriegeneratorwagen M.16 with munitionswagen scale 1:35 Plus Model

Resin model of generator and ammunition car for Austria Hungarian road train C-Zug. Complete kit. The set contains 785 resin parts, two sheets of photo-etched metal parts, decals for four variants and detailed instructions. The model is intended for adults and experienced modelers or collectors. The kit does not contain glue or paints.


The Artillerie-Generatorwagen M.16 was an Austro-Hungarian benzo-electric fascist tractor, used during the First and Second World Wars to tow the Škoda siege artillery.


In the years immediately preceding the Great War, Škoda began working on a new generation of artillery pieces for the siege fleet of the Imperial and Royal Army, consisting of the 24 cm Kanone M. 16 cannon and the Škoda 38 cm Vz howitzers. 1916 and Škoda 42 cm Vz. 1914. It became immediately evident that if the armed force wanted to exploit the mobility characteristics of these powerful new weapons it was necessary to develop a new tractor.

The development of the vehicle was entrusted to none other than Ferdinand Porsche, who at that time worked as a designer at Austro-Daimler in Wiener Neustadt. The project presented by Porsche was very innovative; in fact it featured a 6-cylinder petrol engine to activate an electric generator; the electrical energy powered both the electric motors on the hubs of the rear wheels of the vehicle and, through wiring, those on the wheels of the trolleys, which were in fact not towed but self-propelled. Porsche’s improved versions were also called B-Zug and C-Zug.