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Autore: Alessandro

The Breuer IV was the 4th production model of the light railway shunting locomotive developed by the German company H. Breuer & Co since 1913.

This variant was designed in the 1920s and around 120 vehicles are estimated to be manufactured in Germany until 1943, with further examples being built under licence in various European countries including Italy, Austria, Finland, Denmark and Czechoslovakia.

In the course of production and service the Breuer IV underwent various updates which ultimately led to the development of the model V, but are also the reason for differences between various examples preserved in museums and captured on reference photos.

This 1/35 scale kit contains optional parts which allow for depicting several modifications seen on the real vehicles, some of which remained in service even until the 1980s.

A 19 cm-long railway track section and a Reichsbahn worker figure are also included.

The main features of the kit:

  • Over 150 plastic parts for the shunter and a section of railway track.
  • Optional parts for different variants.
  • 1 railroad worker figure.
  • 2 painting/marking options.
  • 1/35 Scale