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Building Things to Life. We are Robotime

Building Things to Life. We are Robotime

About Robotime

Robotime, founded in 2007, a fashion culture creative company that focus on 3D puzzles, toys and wooden handicrafts. Upholding “focus on originality,” we take daily life as our design inspiration and are committed to providing people around the world with the most imaginative and creative products to help them explore the infinite charm of life.

Robotime has now developed into 4 sub-brands: ROKR, Rolife, Robud and MewooFun. We have a large-scale factory covering an area of 200,000㎡ with over 200 diverse creative designers. Our products sell in over 140 countries and regions, applying widely to individuals, families, schools, and institutions.

We are still working hard to actively explore and share healthy, optimistic and fun ideas with people all over the world.

Robotime Sub-brands

Rokr has always been committed to providing interesting and complex building experiences for players who love exploration.

Rolife is dedicated to exploring the infinite possibilities of daily life and takes DIY as a lifestyle, encouraging everyone to rediscover the hidden inner child, explore themselves, and spark amazing imagination by building a magical and dreamlike world of innocence. The Rolife team believes in cuteness and independence and has been expressing people’s life attitudes to the world.

Robud specializes in manufacturing wooden toys for kids, with the aim of providing fun play experiences. These toys encourage kids to assemble, disassemble, create and explore, fostering their curiosity and learning abilities. Additionally, Robud emphasizes family interaction, encouraging parents and kids to participate through enjoyable play experiences to foster kids’ growth. They believe that family time should be filled with laughter, education and warmth, and Robud was born to help achieve this goal.

Mewoofun, rooted in a love for pet culture, is dedicated to offering beautifully practical products for pets in various settings like home, travel, play, grooming, and feeding. Upholding “More fun for pets,” they leverage their own pet-raising experiences to develop products that enhance the living environment for pets, allowing both pets and their human companions to enjoy life’s pleasures together.