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DD51 diesel-hydraulic Locomotive

DD51 diesel-hydraulic Locomotive

The original DD51 was produced by the Japanese State Railways to promote smokeless use on the main line. The vehicle from which the model was made belongs to a group called full tandem type and is designed in such a way that the brake operation of the main engine and the auxiliary engine are connected in tandem operation. In the model, the trunk impresses with its significant color, which gives your model railway a very special impression. See for yourself and discover the ROKUHAN classics!

The most important feature of Z-track is that you can enjoy the structure in a small space by taking advantage of the precision and small size.

JNR Class DD51

The Class DD51 (DD51形) is a B-2-B wheel arrangement diesel-hydraulic locomotive in operation in Japan since 1962. 649 locomotives were built between 1962 and 1978 by Kawasaki Sharyo, Hitachi and Mitsubishi. The class was designed for mainline passenger and freight use with more power than the D51 and a higher maximum speed than the C62 steam locomotive classes. This was achieved by installing two 1,100 hp engines in an 18 meter long mid-cab design, unusual for mainline operations. The DML61 V12 engines were developed from the straight-6 DMF31 engines used in the Class DD13 locomotives. As of April 1, 2016, 29 locomotives remained in operation.


Locomotives numbered DD51 501 to 799 and 1001 to 1186 were equipped to operate in multiple units, and locomotives numbered DD51 800 to 899 and 1801 to 1805 were built without steam generators for heating the trains.


All locomotives numbered DD51 2 onwards were finished in the standard orange/red diesel livery with gray upper surfaces separated by a white stripe. The re-engined locomotives operated by JR Freight in Hokkaido sport a livery based on the DF200 Class color scheme, without white stripes. These locomotives were used in double header freight trains in pairs.

The JR Hokkaido locomotives were all finished in the blue “Hokutosei” livery with a gold stripe and shooting star logo. These were used in pairs to carry sleeper trains (Hokutosei, Cassiopeia, and Twilight Express) between Hakodate and Sapporo.

DD51 592 (now withdrawn), and now DD51 791, was repainted in the “Euroliner” livery of pale light blue with dark blue stripes for use with JR Central’s “Euroliner” joy train set.

DD51 842 was designated as Imperial Train locomotives. While regular members of the class have white handrails and trim on the running boards, on this particular locomotive they are polished stainless steel, as are the exhaust guards. Based at the Takasaki depot, it is also used for special excursion trains.