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Autore: Alessandro


Each Mindwork mini is made to order and cleaned by hand, so you spend less time assembling and cleaning and more time painting. You won‘t find this level of quality anywhere else.

Art:Frank Frazetta
Sculptor:Antonio Marzii
Box art:Matteo Di Diomede 
Size base to top:160mm
Material:High-quality resin casted by Mindwork Games
Limited edition:400 copies 

This version includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity by Sara Frazetta and a sleek magnetic box bearing a Gold Embossed logo.

Death Dealer is a 1973 fantasy painting by American artist Frank Frazetta. It depicts a menacing warrior armed with a horned helmet, whose facial features are obscured by shadow, atop a horse, holding a bloody bearded ax and shield. The image eventually led to spin-offs of various products, including subsequent warrior paintings, novels, statues, a comic book series published by Verotik and another by Image Comics, and related D&D adventures, published by Goodman Games.

Frazetta later painted several more Death Dealer paintings, including ones to be used as covers for the comic book series.

Death Dealer spawned a novel franchise, written by author James Silke. Four novels have been published, in order:

Prisoner of the Horned Helmet (1988), in which readers are introduced to the protagonist, who is given the name Gath of Baal. In the book he is a tribeless barbarian in a great forest that, after the end of the ice age, will one day become the Mediterranean Sea. When the Mongol-style Kitzaak Horde invades the forest, various groups try to recruit Gath’s help to defend against them. One of them, the beautiful sorceress Cobra, gives Gath a helmet possessed by the god of death. The helmet gives him divine power but at the same time tries to bend Gath to his will. With the help of the worldly entertainer Brown John and the virtuous young woman Robin Lakehair, Gath manages to control the helmet and defeat Kitzaak’s Horde.

Lords of Destruction (1989)

Tooth and Claw (1989)

The Knife Plague (1990)

Rise of the Death Dealer (2005) was an Omnibus edition containing the first two novels.