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Deutz OMZ 122f Hauler Scale 1:72

Deutz OMZ 122f Hauler Scale 1:72

The Deutz OMZ 122 meter-gauge locomotives were meter-gauge, diesel-mechanical locomotives with a B wheel arrangement. They were a narrow-gauge variant of the Deutz OMZ 122 R, which was built in large numbers. There are two known examples that have been preserved as a monument.

After the OMZ 122 R, which was produced in large numbers, the manufacturer KHD had a model program for the production of locomotives with this type of engine for track widths from 600 mm to 1,076 mm. 62 examples of the OMZ 122 F type are known.[1] There are still two locomotives produced for meter gauge. One locomotive was delivered to the Langeoog Island Railway in 1937, the second locomotive and another locomotive were delivered to the Heligoland Naval Port Construction Authority.

IL Kö 2 remained with the Inselbahn Langeoog for its entire operational life. There the locomotive underwent some modifications, e.g. B. route visibility for the driver has been improved by additional front windows. The locomotive was retired in 1982. It was erected as a monument in front of Langeoog railway station.

The second locomotive was used together with the other locomotive from 1941 by the Helgoland Naval Port Construction Authority. In 1943 they were transferred to Wangerooge Island.

After the Second World War, a locomotive arrived at the Wangerooge Water and Maritime Office in March 1948 and was scrapped around 1965.The other went first to the municipality of Wangerooge and from there to the Spiekerooger Island Railway in 1947. The locomotive was supposed to replace the horse-drawn transport of the island railway with motorized traffic. On June 1, 1949 the locomotive pulled the first train. The power of 40 hp was sufficient to haul the trains, which at the time were still short and consisted of up to three horse-drawn trams and a maximum of one freight wagon.[5]

When the horse-drawn tram cars were replaced by wider narrow-gauge rail cars, the locomotive was equipped with platforms with railings to improve the driver’s view of the route. The width of the locomotive was changed to 2,300 mm. In 1965 the locomotive was replaced by locomotive 6.

In 1969 it came to the German Railways Association for the first time. Treatment for museum operations did not materialize. That is why in 2000 the locomotive was installed in front of the Harlesiel station building in memory of the Wangerooge Military Railway