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Autore: Alessandro
Diorama Base: “Marne River Port” WWI

Diorama Base: “Marne River Port” WWI

  • Art.-Nr.: 35308
  • WW I Series
  • High-detailed Diorama Set.
  • Includes detailed Plaster, Lasercut and 3D-Printed parts.
  • 4to. Port crane  and printed WW1 Posters included.
  • Basic dimensions: 32,5 x 23cm

The Marne (in French Marne) is a French river in the Paris Basin. The river, which gives its name to some departments, was the scene of battles during the First World War.

Its name comes from the Celtic (Gaul) Matrona, “nursing mother”, homophone of the Latin “matrona” (see the Gaulish goddess Modron), derived from the Gaulish *mātr, mother, and from the very current hydronymic root onna.

The Marne at Châlons-en-Champagne with its Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral.
Main tributary of the Seine, the Marne originates on the Langres plateau, in Balesmes-sur-Marne (Haute Marne, 52) and after a journey of 525 km[1] flows into the Seine at Charenton-le-Pont/Alfortville (Valley of the Marne, 94).