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Escort carrier USS CVE-57 Anzio

Escort carrier USS CVE-57 Anzio

USS Anzio (ACV/CVE/CVHE-57), was a Casablanca-class escort aircraft carrier of the United States Navy that served during World War II in the Pacific War. Originally classified as an auxiliary carrier ACV-57, the ship was laid down in 1942, in Vancouver, Washington, by the Kaiser Shipbuilding Company and initially named Alikula Bay, then renamed Coral Sea and redesignated CVE-57 in 1943. Coral Sea took the name Alikula Bay. participated in naval operations in support of attacks against the Gilbert and Marshall Islands, New Guinea, and the Mariana Islands. In September 1944 it was renamed Anzio. Like Anzio, the escort carrier took part in the assaults on the Bonin Islands and Okinawa. After the cessation of hostilities in 1945, Anzio was among the escort carriers used in Operation Magic Carpet, which brought American soldiers back to the United States. Following this service, she was placed in reserve at Norfolk, Virginia, in 1946. The escort carrier was redesignated CVHE-57 on 15 June 1955, before being sold for scrap in 1959.

Scale: 1:350

Sheets: 9

Parts: 110

Difficulty: 5/5

Size: 430 x 293 x 121 mm

Printing size: A4

Paper model of the US aircraft carrier USS Anzio CVE-57. USS Anzio (CVE-57), was an Casablanca class escort carrier of the US Navy. Name: USS Coral Sea (1943-44), USS Anzio (1944-59).