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Autore: Alessandro
„ First  but maybe Last flight “ – Mistel 5 

„ First  but maybe Last flight “ – Mistel 5 

In the early spring of 1945, the days of the Third Reich were numbered, the Red Army was advancing from the east and the Allies were getting closer from the west. In an attempt to stop the advance of the Allies, the Germans tried all means, sometimes very imaginative and technically advanced, fortunately insufficiently developed and unreliable and did not threaten the Allies. This solution in various variants was called Mistel and consisted of a larger aircraft loaded with explosives that was guided and guided to the target by a smaller aircraft. This combination is composed of an Ar E377 “flying bomb” and a He162 guide. Those aircraft were powered by jet engines, an innovative drive that was fortunately insufficiently developed for that time.

“The first and probably the last flight” Early spring, distant temporary stop, military photographer Otto immortalizes Mistel 5 and the pilot with a proud Herr officer, the pilot does not really share all that joy because he is aware that the whole project is very risky, to take off with this miracle at all, manage to bring it to the goal and succeed to return is a miracle, maybe even more than that. Out of frame, on the dirt track next to the Kubelwagen, the driver Franz nervously waits for the ceremony to end, the Allied Air Force dominates the sky and the last thing he would want is some kind of “visit” from them. The mechanics are waiting on the side, Dietrich, the chief mechanic, has come on bicycles from a remote shelter and is waiting to place the pilot, and Marcus, a newly recruited soldier, has saved himself through a service station in the Luftwaffe and is there with a fire extinguisher. They told him that the co-jet engines are “naughty” especially when starting, it is not clear to him what he could do with that small extinguisher, but he carries out the order.

  • Scale 1/144, base is 11*10 cm
  • He 162 is a styrene model with photo etched parts from Brengun, also the photo etched bicycle.
  • Kubelwagen is resin model with photo etched parts from Armory models Pilot is a 3D printed model from Beacon models.
  • Other personnel are 3d print from Etzy
  • Ar E377 and the launching trolley was missing in this scale so I made 3D design in AUTOCAD and ordered resin print. Preparing drawings had taken a long time and at the end compared with models in 1/72 for final design
  • Base was made from balsa plates and various materials.
  • Painting of all elements was made with enamels and acrylics.
  • Due to the number of elements and to log times for design from the start to finish it took more than one year.