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Autore: Alessandro
HLM35005 FuSE-65 WÜRZBURG-RIESE Hauler  

HLM35005 FuSE-65 WÜRZBURG-RIESE Hauler  

Construction kit of german ground radar station in scale 1/35. The construction kit contains resin, photoetched, laser-cut parts and clear foil with windows.


Würzburg-Riese, actually Funkmessgeräte 65, or FuMG 65 for short, was the code name of a radar device from Telefunken that was used to locate enemy aircraft during the air war in World War II. It was an enlarged version of the FuMG 62 Würzburg e and, like this, used frequencies around 560 MHz (decimeter waves). The precise control of the 11-tonne rotating part consisting of the parabolic mirror and the operating cabin was technically demanding, and was achieved using a Leonard set developed by AEG.

The stationary “giants” introduced in mid-1941 (designation: radio transmitter-receiver device FuSE 65 or radio measuring device FuMG 65) were used to guide the Luftwaffe’s night fighters and were installed on the control towers of the large anti-aircraft towers for fire control. The mobile Würzburg giants FuSE 65 E were mounted on railway wagons, while the stationary version for the Kriegsmarine was the radio measurement locator FuMO 214, which was used for fire control of their coastal artillery (e.g. the Fjell fortress).