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M.T.M “Barchino” with crew – 5623 Scale: 1/35 Review

M.T.M “Barchino” with crew  5623 Scale: 1/35 Review

After successful operations during World War I, the Italian “Regia Marina” continued the post-war development of various underwater and surface vessels. For example, the Modified Touring Motorboat (MTM) boat was designed to allow the most discreet and fastest approach to the target with a low risk of being detected by the enemy. The most successful mission of the Regia Marina with the deployment of the “Barchina” was the attack led by Luigi Faggioni on the heavy cruiser HMS York of the British Royal Navy at Suda Bay in Crete in 1941.

The kit contains: New molds of the model approximately 19cm long, 2 figurines, decals and photo-etched

Recommended Italeri colours: 4768AP, 4672AP, 4765AP, 4773AP, 4681AP, 4752AP, 4601AP

Difficulty level: 3/5

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