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McLaren MP4/4 1988…..A Classic Replica of A Legendary Race Car MENG 

McLaren MP4/4 1988…..A Classic Replica of A Legendary Race Car MENG 

During the 1988 F1 season, the McLaren MP4/4 established its legendary status with outstanding performance and excellent results, making all other teams and drivers, regardless of their cars or technology, struggle to compete. The red and white livery of the MP4/4 has also become a classic symbol of this race car.

Licensed by McLaren Racing Limited, MENG will soon release the RS-005 1/12 McLaren MP4/4 1988 (Pre-colored Edition) model kit. This kit continues the style of MENG’s pre-colored edition kits. Its sprues are pre-painted and the carbon fiber components feature pre-made carbon fiber texture. The finished model will be 367mm long and 177mm wide. This kit includes fine decals and metallic effect foil. Let’s take a look at the fine details of this kit.

The model realistically replicates the classic appearance and exquisite livery of the McLaren MP4/4 1988.

The front wing assembly and the upper bodywork are removable. This kit includes stands to show the upper bodywork separately.

The carbon nosebox with pre-made carbon fiber texture is removable. Tires made of quality vinyl material are removable.

The wishbones, steering track rods, pullrods and steering column are metal parts.

The RA168E 1.5L V6 turbocharged engine is realistically replicated with finely painted parts.

This kit also includes parts of different materials and shapes like springs, vinyl tubes and screws which make the model look more realistic.

The pre-painted parts feature outstanding paint finishes.

A variety of painting and electro-plating processes are used to better present the metallic texture of different materials.

Parts with pre-made carbon fiber texture have ultimate surface finish and they are much easier to build.

Parts with complex markings have been pre-painted, perfectly showcasing the vehicle’s livery.

The safety belts made of special fabric material are not only realistic, but also easy to assemble.

RS-005 McLaren MP4/4 1988 (Pre-colored Edition)

Scale: 1/12

All the parts for this classic race car are ready. Now build the model of this legendary car yourse