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Nine victories of Witold Urbanowicz

General Witold Urbanowicz is the legend of Polish Air Force. He was the second on the list of best Polish fighter pilots with 17 confirmed kills and the sole Polish Air Force fighter pilot who shot down aircraft of the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force. Officially he was credited with two kills (two Nakajima Ki-43) but he claimed that he actually shot five more, but those were not approved as he did not have any witnesses. Most of his victories he scored during the Battle of Britain flying with No. 303 Polish “Kościuszko” Squadron – 13 in total. Nine of them while flying Hawker Hurricane Mk.I RF-E/P3901.

 Hurricane RF-E/P3901,Witlold Urbanowicz’s most famous aeroplane with nine Luftwaffe aircraft shot down during Battle of Britain.  Artwork by Marcin Górecki.

Before he became a member of this famous squadron, Witold Urbanowicz, similar to other Polish fighter pilots, joined a British unit. Having finished a training at the No.6 Operational Training Unit in Sutton Bridge he was posted to No. 145 Squadron in RAF Tangmere where he came on the 2nd August 1940. His stay at this unit was rather short as on the 14th it was moved to Scotland after sustaining heavy losses in combats fought between 10th and 12th August 1940. During this short period Urbanowicz shot down two German aircraft – on the 11th one Messerschmitt 109 and on the 12th one Junkers 88, and gained important experience of RAF combat tactics. His rest in Scotland lasted only 7 days. On the 21st he was posted to No. 303 in RAF Northolt near London where he took up a post of the “A” Flight commander.  Photo of Witold Urbanowicz, wikipedia.

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