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Autore: Alessandro


Our pack of 10 oil washes, presented in 30 ml containers, becomes essential for recreating realistic effects in models and sceneries. The versatility of our washes allows for the detailed reproduction of elements such as dust, dirt, rust and paneliner, as well as the simulation of dirt, deterioration, and the ability to bring realism and depth to the most minute details.

In addition, you will obtain defined outlines, filters and subtle effects, adjusting the intensity according to the amount used, whether applied directly from the bottle or diluted with our odorless thinner.

This complete set includes our Odorless Thinner – Ref: SWTH-001

Key Tips:

  • It is advisable to shake or stir the product before application to ensure its best performance.
  • We recommend the use of synthetic bristle brushes when applying this product.
  • Mixing the different washes will allow you to obtain a wider range of shades
  • The combination with pigments, oil paints, enamel and elements (vegetations, stones, etc.) opens a range of possibilities
  • To correct unwanted strokes and clean brushes, we offer you SWTH-001 Odorless Thinner, an odorless thinner that you can use safely.