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PE-35035 1/35 scale T34/85 JS-2 Soviet Bedspring Armor for T34-85

PE-35035 1/35 scale T34/85 JS-2 Soviet Bedspring Armor for T34-85

The T-34/85 was a medium tank and represents the latest and definitive evolution of the Soviet Army’s medium combat tank.

Developed between 1943 and 1944 starting from the standard T-34 of the period armed with a 76.2 mm cannon, the T-34/85 had the same hull as the previous T-34 models but was distinguished from its predecessors due to its thicker frontal armor (from 1944 it will be 90mm, in the first vehicles it was 45mm) and the much larger turret, which unlike the previous versions had much thicker armor and could accommodate three crew members inside ( commander, gunner, servant) and the main armament, consisting of an 85 mm long barrel cannon.

The T-34/85 was designed to achieve parity in caliber against the German Panzer V Panther and Panzer VI Tiger I tanks, armed with 75 and 88 mm guns respectively, which until then had proven superior to the T-34/ 76. Initially, a 57 mm with very high initial velocity was also evaluated, which gave anti-tank results even superior to the 85 mm gun (comparable to the 75 and 88 adversaries) but did not have a good anti-personnel grenade; this was a serious flaw in the Soviet military doctrine, since the tanks had to be truly multi-role, with good counteracting capabilities not only against enemy tanks but also against infantry, bunkers and the army. This philosophy was diametrically opposed to the German one, which focused on the specialization of tanks, each of which was able to adequately perform one or two roles at most.