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Autore: Alessandro


Climb aboard legendary mining truck which is a real monster for off-highway. It is specifically engineered for use in high-production mining and heavy-duty construction environments, including transporting construction equipment or mined ores and minerals.


If you compare the world of cars to the animal world the dump truck should be represented by the elephant.

If we make the comparison between the cars and animals, heavy special equipment will represent earths largest animals. A dump truck can be likened to an Elephant. It’s equally massive, solid, and operational. These super-vehicles are mercilessly crushing surfaces around 250 tons in a single trip. Think about 10 Tesla Model S and 10 Mercedes S600 cars in the same body! The engines in Dump Trucks have 2,700 horsepower, allowing it to pull a heavy load uphill on a hard rocky road at any time.

The dump trucks’ wheel diameter is over 15 feet. If three tall enough people are to position themselves on each other’s shoulders, they will barely attain the wheel’s height. The drivers must climb 18-24 steps to enter the cab.

When designing the Quarry Transporter, the Metal Time team used the common features of heavy mining trucks, the world’s largest trucks. Their simple design, functionality, and load capacity motivated the designers of the Metal Time to develop roughness in constructing of the design. The Quarry Transporter is a rare vehicle, for sure. And it will take its rightful place in your collection