Rise of The One MENG 

Dune is not only hailed as a classic masterpiece in the realm of science fiction literature but also stands as a significant milestone in the sci-fi world. Paul Atreides, as the protagonist of Dune, holds multiple important roles and has a tumultuous fate.

Guided by fate, the gifted young Paul Atreides travels with House Atreides to take control of Arrakis, the most perilous desert planet in the Known Universe, only to see his family nearly destroyed by a sudden attack orchestrated by Emperor Shaddam IV and House Harkonnen. The surviving Paul and his mother, while fleeing from their pursuers, are saved by the Fremen and gradually earn their respect and trust. Paul leads the Fremen in battles against the conspirators who ruined his family. ” The One” emerges as flames of vengeance spread, and Arrakis becomes the stage for the ultimate cosmic battle.

MENG will release the AFS-002 1/12 Dune Paul Atreides and AFS-002s 1/12 Dune Paul Atreides (Deluxe Edition) action figure model kits officially licensed by Legendary Pictures. The assembled AFS-002 figure will be 158mm high and 45mm wide. The assembled AFS-002s Deluxe Edition model will be 211mm high (incl. display base) and 240mm wide (incl. display base). Let’s check the details.

Based on real-life scans of Timothée Chalamet, this model offers a highly realistic recreation of the character Paul Atreides. (The cape is only included in the Deluxe Edition).

The environment of the planet Arrakis is extremely harsh. Stillsuits provide protection for Paul and the Fremen in the extreme climate, and can convert a body’s moisture into drinkable water which is essential for sustaining life.

Paul Atreides, wearing the stillsuit and holding a Crysknife, stands in the vast desert.

Protective gear parts are spray-painted to replicate their texture.

Advanced manufacturing processes and methods are used to restore the woven texture of various clothing and straps.

Both the AFS-002 figure and the AFS-002s Deluxe Edition figure have two different replaceable head options. The AFS-002 figure includes eye and eyebrow decals to replicate the facial details. The AFS-002s Deluxe Edition figure has fine face parts.

Each kit includes seven hand options and props like Fremkit, Crysknife, Maula Pistol, Paracompass, Sand Compactor and Thumper.

The AFS-002s Deluxe Edition kit exclusively includes a desert display base and a poseable cloth cape.

The Fremkit is a wearable toolkit containing various equipment necessary for survival in the deserts of Arrakis.

Paracompass can make use of local magnetic anomalies caused by the two moons of Arrakis.

Device inserted into the ground to distract and attract sandworms with seismic pulse waves

Used by the Fremen, the Maula Pistol is a foldable weapon that fires poisonous darts.

Sand Compactor is an electrostatic digging device used for packing and repelling sand.

The Crysknife, made from the tooth of a sandworm, is a sacred weapon for the Fremen.

AFS-002 Dune Paul Atreides

Scale: 1/12

AFS-002s Dune Paul Atreides (Deluxe Edition)

Scale: 1/12

Stllsuits do not have a metallic texture, they are made of natural materials and are sandblown by Arrakis’s elements.