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RS111 WWII US Navy & USMC Aircraft Colors

RS111 WWII US Navy & USMC Aircraft Colors

This set of Real Colors lacquer based paints is essential for painting models of US Navy and Marine Corps aircraft used during World War II. At the end of December 1940, all carrier-based aircraft of US naval aviation were ordered to be painted Light Grey overall. In August 1941, it was decided that the upper surfaces of carrier-based aircraft belonging to the Battle Force of the Pacific Fleet should be painted in Blue-Grey, whilst their lower areas would retain the Light Grey color. In the coming months, more aircraft were gradually ordered to be painted in this scheme. The case was clarified in February 1942, when all carrier and shore-based aircraft were ordered to be painted in Blue-Grey/Light Grey scheme. In January 1943, a new tri-color camouflage scheme for carrier-based aircraft was introduced, this consisting of Sea Blue, Intermediate Blue and Insignia White colors. The painting scheme for fighter aircraft was simplified to Dark Sea Blue overall in mid-March 1944. This order was expanded to include all carrier-based aircraft in June 1944 (effectively October 1944) and would remain valid until the mid-1950s.

May be diluted with RC701/RC702 High Compatibility Thinner or other thinners intended for lacquer based paints.


  • RC889 M-485 Light Grey (Light Gull Grey FS 16440)
  • RC923 M-485 Blue Grey
  • RC924 Sea Blue
  • RC925 Dark Sea Blue
  • RC908 Intermediate Blue
  • RC891 Insignia White