Ruin Effect Redutex 

3D sheet model

Good for almost every surface.
Flexible, three-dimensionally and super realistic.
Easy to work.
Handmade in Spain.


3D texture sheets are flexible and self-adhesive, three-dimensionally structured with super-realistic surfaces. They are ideal for the reproduction of roofs, walls, floors, etc.
The texture can be cut into shapes with scissors, cutters or lasers.
The 3D texture sheets can be applied to any dry, dust and grease-free surface such as cardboard, wood, plastic, etc.
The type of adhesive it incorporates allows the texture to be repositioned, if necessary, as it strengthens over time and remains unalterable.
Minimal heating (e.g. with a hair dryer) increases its flexibility and elasticity, depending on the type of texture.
Redutex 3D textures can be repainted, retouched, patinated, with the usual products and techniques, washes, washes, dry brush, etc.

Caution: Do not fold at temperatures below 13 ° C! Danger of breakage!