“SAIPAN 1944”

I always love Japanese armour, but never build one, so I think it was the moment. Got one of my favourites japanese tanks: the Chi-Ha. I got the old Tamiya kit (ref 35075) that is not as impressive as the new from Dragon, but is a good one and as always there are no problems when you build it. If you want to enhanced it, you need: Eduard ref 35772 for some details, the Eureka XXL ref 3539  “towing cables” for Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank and its gun in metal (all in the same reference), and finally Vision Models ref 9003 that are workable tracks.

The scene represent an abandoned Tank in a tracl, sorrounded at left with a Tori Gate from Verlinden with a scratch base of a Temple and a little lagoon at right done with Vallejo “Water Texture”. Vegetation in the water was scrathed with real wood sticks and paper glued as leaves. I try to use a different perspective to place they all and I´m really happy with the result!!

Many accessories like animals, objects of daily life or garbage were used and of course japanese accessories from Plus Model like the machine gun (Type 92). Figures are from Bravo6.

Dog is a Historex figure & monkey on the turret from Mantis.