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Autore: Alessandro


For any fan of zombies movies is something very common to see itinerant camps as a shelter for humans that have ended ravaged by infected. Finding them is something that should be a strong moral blow, it indicates that there is no “Sanctuary”…. No shelter last forever. On the other hand they can serve to take advantage of what stood there abandoned. Food containers, utensils, clothing, weapons … and especially water!!

I was envisioning chapters of TWD and some very known films to get ideas of ​​how to plan the scene and at that time I came to the most recurring headache that usually happens, some survivors who receive a shock from a laggard walker while exploring a place abandoned. In my notebook for ideas there was a project of an abandoned playground, but should really be more like a STALKER scene, I believe that it could fit into this scene perfectly. So I joined all: zombies + park + abandoned camp.

In order not to do a very big work, I would only use a vehicle parked next to the fence of swings, feeling that all those scattered accoutrements would be only a part of something bigger.

The excellent and impressive figure of Royal Model was the perfect piece as the main star, for explorers I used a set of Bravo-6 that I withdrew some equipment to show them as civils and a beautiful figure of Evolution. Then it was necessary to add many accessories to place them all over the field and a sufficient number of animals to give that country feel and abandonment.