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Autore: Alessandro


I barely remember those days when I finished my work and left the office to go home. After all day working, my dream was to go out and throw me on my sofa while I consulted Facebook or Twitter and spend my time watching movies after dinner. How I enjoyed a good TV-series of zombies that would give me emotions…. “Emotions” I said!!

In the weekends I used to go out for a morning “sunbathe” in a park or on a terrace with my dog and my friends…. How long has it been since then????   I do not remember.

Every day is the same, no rest for us. We need to be in constant movement looking for food & water. What happened with my sofa, my TV, mobile, social networks…  What the hell happened with everything!!

I have been wandering around this city for 2 weeks looking for a safe place that never becomes real, accompanied by my dog and my two little neighbors…. That´s the story.

Welcome to the fourth part of my “Project” about Apocalypse, Pandemics, Stalkers and Walkers. As you can see, I have tried to represent a Subway Station that after the initial chaos has been left abandoned for a long time. A group of survivors wandering around for their basic needs and, above all, trying to rest without being disturbed.

The idea of the scene is to show an adult comes forward next to his dog to scout the terrain, while the little ones wait for the signal to go-ahead. Suddenly the dog begins to bark, it has smelled something. Sure something is stalking there. All the scene was scratch built with foam and plastic profiles.

Fifures are from WAR (Weird Armies of Reign), Evolution and Alternity Miniature. It Was a really exhausting proyect for me.