SIG MEA project

SIG MEA or in its full name Special Interest Group “From Middle East to Afghanistan” is a project of members of three technical groups (HUVM, IPMS Croatia and HZTK) which was launched in 2021 as a pilot project of the Group Build & Online Competition “From Middle East to Afghanistan”.

The mentioned project resulted in a short time with more than 80 works by modelers from 17 European countries, which encouraged us to supplement the project content, and to popularize it through the opening of permanent SIG MEA competition categories as part of our scale model competition (Zagreb scale model cup BLACK QUEEN ) which we have been maintaining for nineteen years now.

During the year 2023, we decided to go one step further, which is the creation of a “Permanent Exhibition Display”, which will be supplemented from year to year with new works related to the “Annual Theme”.

The announced theme for the year 2023, “The Lebanese civil war”, resulted in more than 30 newly created works, which we then organize to exhibit next year at several international modeling competitions, i.e. at various exhibition events organized by their hosts.

The theme for 2024 is the “Arab – Israeli conflict” with an emphasis on the period of the 1970s and 1980s.

In addition to the permanent exhibition on which we are working hard, we wish to start the creation of an e-gallery through various groups, social networks, etc., which will eventually collect the works of other modelers around the world eager to participate in this truly inexhaustible topic.