The Nautilus

Part 1 The Nautilus

Through the fantastic creation of the Nautilus Jules Verne was able to give life to
a fascinating and interesting story. Equally interesting is the Nautilus itself, one
machine born from the writer’s imagination which is based on precise scientific knowledge
studied and known by Jules Verne and which is certainly inspired by the real Nautilus, the first
archaic submarine presented by Robert Fulton in 1798 from which the author took in
I borrow the name. This model is one of the possible interpretations of the Nautilus created
from Revell in 1/100 scale. The assembly of this kit is quite simple too
if you need to pay a little attention when positioning the transparent parts that
they are fixed with a light layer of vinyl glue, and a further layer of the interior of the submarine
detail that this kit provides. The only problem occurred during assembly
concerns some cracks present in the hull joints which have been eliminated
filling the space with modeling glue and covering with stucco.

Part 2 The Coloring

the whole model was painted with acrylic colors the ideology trying to
highlight the many details present on the hull and create contrasting areas. Yes
initially paints the hull with dark gray panzergrey 1942 ua076, spreading on the
internal part with the dry brush technique the dark gray lc020 and making some
steps with blue ua062. Subsequently, a light pass is carried out on the hull
with testosterone silver, taking care not to excessively highlight the
vary area. Once this painting phase is completed, the submarine is aged
applying a wash with sienna oil to further enhance it
all the details of the hull. Finally, when the applied color is completely dry, a
last step with a very light hand with a dry brush using light pink, in
in order to increase the tone contrast of the details and highlight them further

Part 3 The Setting

The Nautilus model was placed on a base that
reproduces the seabed and recreates the scene of the seabed and recreates the narrated scene
in Jules Verne’s novel, about the giant octopus that attacks the submarine. in this case
the setting is very important because it allows you to immediately identify that the
The situation takes place in the depths of the sea. Above the closed base of the frame of a
the Das was positioned and the resin model of the octopus was inserted
made by Grendel. The wreck of the ship taken from an aquarium. Subsequently
after having shaped the das properly it was textured with various steps and covered
with a mixture of sand, water and vinyl glue in order to reproduce the ground
of the seabed. The rocks located on the left side of the seabed were self-built with
polystyrene and then covered with the appropriately processed das. Seaweed is all made
using medical gauze adapted for the occasion. Construction of the
small scene the backdrop was painted using umber ho13 sand ua137 fs
30219 and human flash fun 23 from life color. The wreck of the ship visible in the ground e
was painted with the leather color of the testor, after which a few steps were laid in
wood color slightly lightened with white. The rocks received a base of black and
Subsequently they were lightened with the light gray ua025 of life color, while the
algae were colored with two shades of green, a dark green uf006 and fun green della
lifecolor, shaded with the yellow of the Citadel. Finally the octopus was painted with an earth base
of shadow ho13 lifecolor, subsequently applying several passes with a dry brush with rust
lc032 lifecolor, citadel red and pink from deco ppebeo. Painting finished
of the setting and a final coat of opaque transparent was spread over the entire scene.