YAKUMO by Mig Jimenez

Limited edition. Only available until stock runs out.

Soft cover, 136 pages with high quality step-by-step photos in full colour.

This book is Bilingual: English & Spanish.

The latest and long awaited book by Mig Jiménez. In this practical modelling guide, Mig explains in depth how to paint and weather WWII German vehicles following a simple and fast method with highly realistic results.

Mig Jiménez has designed these techniques to make the painting process much more entertaining and fun, making it faster and easier, while achieving an absolutely spectacular and realistic result accessible to modellers of all levels, even beginners, through Yakumo, an exclusive weathering line designed by Mig Jimenez in collaboration with the prestigious Japanese brand Mr.Hobby.

In the book you will discover how to recreate German vehicles with any camouflage, including winter and desert schemes, but the same techniques can be applied to any other military vehicle of any era.

This book is a limited edition, so don’t miss out!

YAKUMO is a new painting system for modellers; it provides a weathering product for each step of the painting process of a military vehicle. In a world saturated by an endless amount of painting and weathering products and many complex alternatives, Mr. HOBBY and AMMO have combined their vast experience to provide modellers with a unique and simple solution for weathering models.

YAKUMO represents the essence of tradition and the basic pleasure of enjoying painting a model without complicated steps and time-consuming processes, while creating excellent results. With YAKUMO, just a few basic steps are enough to achieve a realistic and very attractive result, even if the modeller has no previous experience.

Mr. HOBBY offers extensive experience in the manufacture of products for modelling, where quality is the main objective, and YAKUMO is the result of these high standards. Mig Jiménez has developed the products and the painting process, based on many years of experience in developing products and techniques for military vehicles.

YAKUMO is a new experience for all types of modellers, regardless of their skill. It is the essence of craftsmanship, simplicity and quality.